To 10 Key or not to 10-Key….that is the mathematical question

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Shakespeare the innovator

Today, many everyday English phrases and expressions were in fact coined or invented by Shakespeare himself. Before Shakespeare’s time, the English language was, in general, not standardized. His works had a major influence on the English language and contributed to the standardization of grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. In fact, he invented over 1700 of our common words by changing nouns into verbs, verbs into adjectives, connecting words never used together before, adding prefixes and suffixes, and devising completely new words.

I wonder if William Shakespeare were alive today would he use a traditional keyboard with a 10 key?

The majority of the population is right handed and have to reach great distances in order to grasp a mouse.  Over time this can lead to shoulder, arm and wrist discomfort.

There is a need for a 10 key especially in the areas of finance and for those who rely heavily on spreadsheets.  To avoid shoulder, arm, and wrist discomfort, here are the compact keyboards with 10-keys that we recommend and am sure that Shakespeare would use.

10 key calculator keys
10 key keyboard

Bakker Elkhuizen S-board 840 Compact Ergonomic Keyboard and Numeric Keypad

The S-Board 840 Compact Multimedia Keyboard is a compact yet comfortable keyboard that reduces the distance a user has to extend for utilizing a mouse and allows a more comfortable body posture. The S-board is great for desktops, laptops, and mobile computing. It is equipped with 12 multimedia keys and 2 USB ports.   The numeric keypad can be used as hand-held calculator. 

Evoluent Mouse Friendly Keyboard

The Evoluent Mouse Friendly Keyboard places the numeric keypad on the left side of the keyboard, allowing a mouse to be placed in an ergonomically correct position. With the numeric keypad  on the left you can keep your right hand on mouse and your left hand on the numeric keypad keys. PC and Mac compatible.

Simple keyboard
10 key calculator that is made by CPAs



Slim keyboard

Posturite Number Slide Arch Keyboard

The Posturite Number Slide Arch keyboard saves valuable desk space.  It features a slide out full numeric keyboard that slides back into the keyboard when not in use. The Number Slide Arch is an exceptional, compact keyboard for the kind of environment where space is limited.

An extra USB port in rear lets you connect other devices such as a mouse, cell phone or jump drive. There is also a roller bar underneath space bar to scrolling without needing a mouse.

Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard and Goldtouch Numeric Keypad

The Goldtouch Split Ergonomic Keyboard GTN-0099 is adjustability for the end user to increase comfort. The user set the angle from 0 – 30 degrees in the horizontal or vertical plane. The keys have a redesigned key structure to reduce typing errors. The keyboard is adjustable in height to offer the user the option of positioning the keyboard in a negative sloping angle for better enhance ergonomic comfort.

Split keyboard
Compact keyboard

ErgoTight Compact Keyboard and Numeric Keypad

A lightweight keyboard and number pad combination. The 10 key can be used on either side or centrally located if required. Soft tactile feel. One dongle communicates with keyboard and number pad.

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