Tired of the same old calculator?

Only use 5 buttons on your calculator? Then why keep the other 25 buttons? Get rid of them. Use 50 buttons and have to switch between multiple calculators? Why not consolidate all the buttons into a single calculator?

Customize a Calculator to You

Creating Custom Calculators

PentaCalc makes it easy to create or modify your own calculators and buttons. You can add buttons to an existing calculator or create your own calculator and buttons. You can even drag and drop buttons from existing calculators into your new creation.

Create your own calculator or calculator buttons.
Custom calculator software.

Combine the best of all worlds

Creating Custom Calculators

For example, if you use certain buttons from the scientific and financial calculator on a regular basis, you can create your own calculator with these buttons. In addition, you can create a calculator with your favorite engineering, scientific, or business formulas.