Business Calculator

Every business needs to markup on cost and price, find the percent of total, and calculate interest rate conversions. PentaCalc Pro can perform these, and many other business calculations, quickly and accurately! Features include time value of money calculations, cash flow calculator function, as well as unit conversion calculator options.

Bond Calculator

Analyze every type of bond, bill and note you wish, including discounted notes, municipal and corporate bonds, and Treasury bills.





Depreciation Calculator

Generate depreciation tables for your fixed assets quickly and effortlessly using declining balance, sum-of-the-year’s digits, and straight-line methods.

Time Value of Money Calculator

Helps you plan for retirement, save for your child’s college education, make long-term budget plans, figure the impact of refinancing your home, etc. You can also create and print amortization tables.





Cash Flow Calculator 

Analyze those complex real estate deals and capital investments by computing IRR, NPV, BUS, and NFV.