The most powerful digital calculator ever

Pentacalc is a combination of several powerful digital calculators for your computer.

What is a Pentacalc?

PentaCalc is not just another calculator. Pentacalc is a powerful digital calculator. It includes a live digital tape that tracks every computation and automatically recalculates after you make changes. 

PentaCalc Pro combines all the calculators from every discipline into one comprehensive calculator and adds innovative features that will make you never want to go back to hand-helds.

Digital tape for 10-key calculators.

Live Digital Tape

Love the tape reel from your physical 10 key calculator? Capture that same great feature on your digital calculator. With our digital tape you can capture all your calculations. Plus, you can edit your digital calculator tape and it will automatically update all your calculations.

Specialized Calculators

Pentacalc includes tons of specialized calculators including:

- 10 key calculators

- Financial calculators

- Scientific calculators

- Unit conversion calculators

- Time value of money calculators

Specialized calculators for specialized fields.
Create your own personalized calculator.

Create your own calculator keys

It's the only calculator that allows you to create your own calculators and buttons. 

If you use the same function or calculation over and over again, now you can create a button on your calculator so all it takes is one click.

Share your custom buttons and calculators with the office

Are you the calculator wiz in the office whose skills everyone envies? Now you can really show off by sharing your custom buttons and calculators with others!

Share your custom calculator buttons with others.

Pentacalc offers more features than we can list.

To explore all of the features of Pentacalc, you will have to check it out for yourself!

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