A 10-key calculator for your computer.

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Stop switching between your old 10 key and your computer.

Switching back and forth between your old 10 key calculator and your computer can cause errors, reduce your efficiency, and waste time. To solve all of these issues switch over to the most power 10 key calculator available with the 10 key PentaCalc software.

The Pentacalc 10 key software mirrors your real-life 10 key with all the features you love on your desktop computer.

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Bring your 10-key into the digital world and get your a digital 10 key software.

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Live tape reel for your 10 key calculator

Track all your calculations with a live tape reel.

Every calculation you make is automatically tracked on PentaCalc's computerized tape display. The tape is ‘live’ which allows you to make changes directly to the tape, and each modification will be reflected in your final result.

The tape can even be printed and saved at your convenience.

Other Features

Includes an item counter, 3 rounding options, red negative entries, and all the standard functions you are used to. You can even make annotations.

10 key keypad