A Digital 10-Key Calculator that mirrors real-life

A 10-Key Calculator Software that mirrors your hand-held 10 key

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Calculators included with pentacalc software


A powerful 10 Key with a live tape reel you can save, edit, and recalculate.

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Scientific and Financial

Powerful Scientific and Financial calculators.

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Programming and Statistics

Complete programming, statistics, and graphing calculators

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Pentacalc 10 key software
10 key calculator keypad
digital live tape reel


Pentacalc Software

Digital Download includes:

10-key calculator | Scientific calculator | Financial calculator | Programming & Statistics calculator | Graphing calculator

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 | 32/64-bit OS | 2MB

How to use 10 key calculator Software

Digital 10 Key Tape Reel

Track all of your calculations with PentaCalc's digital tape reel.

The digital tape automatically updates whenever you change a number. 

You can also save and print your digital tape.

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Loaded with Digital Calculators

Pentacalc includes specialized calculator software for every situation.

Looking for a calculator we don't have (however unlikely that is)?

No problem, with Pentacalc you can create your own custom calculator or button.

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