A Digital 10-Key Calculator that mirrors real-life



Did your enter key stop working to total your calculations?

To fix this issue, you have 2 options.

Option 1 - Reinstall

Uninstall and then reinstall and select the 10-key option when you run the first time. Uninstall by selecting the icon from the program group.

Option 2 - Change Hotkey Manually

A. You can change the HotKey manual by right clicking on any button and then selecting Button Properties from the menus. 

 B. Then click in the HotKey box and click a new HotKey.

 C. Open the 10-key calculator so you can see the buttons. 

 D. I believe the people who didn't select 10-key at startup have the "=" key using the num-enter HotKey and the Total button is using "T".  First change the "=" key to "=" and then the Total button to Num-Enter.  The Enter key in the main keyboard and the Enter key on the numeric keypad are handled differently so make sure you hit the Enter key on the numeric keypad.