Chronicles of the TI calculator and the HP calculator tribal wars

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The battle between the TI calculator tribe and the HP calculator tribe is real.

The battle to end all wars.

Long Line of Nerds

I come from a long and proud line of nerds and geeks. My father is an electrical engineer, my uncles are electrical and mechanical engineers, and my father-in-law and brothers-in-law are electrical engineers, so of course I am an electrical engineer. I have a stereo system that only I understand how to work (but it does sound awesome). My son has also been blessed with the nerd gene and would rather do math problems than play football. With that nerd heritage comes one of the ultimate nerd war stories.

Geek is the new sexy
Are you a TI calculator person or an HP calculator person?

Tribal Wars

When my father was studying electrical engineering at Brigham Young University (BYU), there were two tribes within the nerds. One tribe that was the Texas Instrument (TI) calculator tribe and the other tribe was the Hewlett Packard (HP) calculator tribe. As all good tribes do, each tribe elected the head nerd to lead their tribe.

Each day, each leader of the tribe would face down the other leader of the tribe in a calculator showdown, where each leader would show off a new function that only his calculator could perform. One day the HP tribe leader would show off an RPN feature and win a battle and the next day the TI tribe leader would show off an algebraic feature and win a battle. Throughout the semester, battles were won and lost by both tribe leaders.


As the battles continued to escalate, the tribe leaders became more adamant that their calculator was the best. One day, the HP tribe leader had had enough of the battles and wanted to end the war. To show off the newest feature of his calculator, he looked at the TI tribe leader and stated, “Look what my calculator can do,” and threw his calculator as hard as he could against a nearby wall.

The escalation of the calculator wars

The HP calculator hit the wall and just bounced off with only a couple scratches. Not to be outdone, the TI tribe leader wound up and threw his calculator was hard as he could against the wall. Upon impact, the TI calculator shattered into a million pieces.

The winner of the calculator wars

War was won

That day the HP tribe not only won the battle, they won the war. From that point forward, it was decided that the HP calculator was superior.

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